Mini Gemstone Malachite Bracelet
Mini Gemstone Malachite Bracelet
Mini Gemstone Malachite Bracelet
Mini Gemstone Malachite Bracelet

Mini Gemstone Malachite Bracelet

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Stack it up or let it shine on its own, our Mini Gemstone Malachite Bracelet is made up of 4mm gemstone beads that create the perfect accessory for bringing healthy and healing vibrations into your life! Known for opening the heart to change, malachite aids in spiritual evolution and clears negativity. Each gemstone bead is strung together on a stretchy cord to make a simple, yet beautiful, bracelet. Easy to slip on and comfortable enough to wear all day, these mini gemstone beaded bracelets can be mix-and-matched with others based on colors or healing properties. 

  • Strung on Durable Stretchy Cord
  • Regular: Fits up to a 7-inch wrist. Large: Fits up to a 8.5-inch wrist
  • 4mm Pure Gemstone Beads with 925 Sterling Silver plated Sivana Bead

Malachite Healing Properties

A vibrant and rich hue of green, malachite's color symbolizes personal growth and abundance of the spirit. Known as the 'stone of transformation,' it’s used for energy cleansing and restoring positive energy to your mind, body, and soul. This powerful stone reminds you to lead a spiritually fulfilling life, rather than a materialistic one, in order to find the purest form of happiness. If you're drawn to malachite, it could be a sign that it's time for a change in your life. By focusing on the energy of this enchanting stone, you'll be able to clear out the negative energy that's been holding you back and lean into the positive energy that will help you grow in a new direction. Whether you're searching for love, money, or power, malachite will empower you to pursue the things in life that have spiritual value versus monetary value. When you wear our malachite bracelet, you'll feel it balancing your opposite energies as it brings you into a neutral space of positivity and optimism. It also acts as a mood stabilizer and will help stabilize any toxic energy that you may encounter in everyday life. Let its lush, green color serve as a reminder of the peace and tranquility that comes from nature and allow it to bring harmony back into your life. Malachite can also serve as an extremely protective stone. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants, like radiation and electromagnetic pollution, by picking them up from the atmosphere and your body. 

Heart chakra

Malachite is one of the best stones for healing the heart; especially since it shares the same green color as the heart chakra. This heartwarming stone helps remove emotional blockages and opens your heart up to new experiences. When you meditate with malachite, allow its healing energy to flow through your heart chakra and cleanse old energies. Let it serve as a reminder that past experiences can be left in the past. Your new journey is all about looking forward and being open to different opportunities. 

Swollen joints

If you experience any type of joint pain, malachite could be just what you need. It's known to relieve arthritis and joint pain throughout the body. Place the gemstone on the area of your body that hurts, and let malachite's healing energy flow through you. 

Stimulates liver

A powerful stone, malachite can help heal your body as much as your soul. It’s been known to stimulate the liver in order to release toxins and help digestion, stomach, and colon functions. 

Electromagnetic pollution

Caused by human activity, electromagnetic pollution affects you on a daily basis. It's emitted from your electronic devices and can negatively affect your health over time. Malachite helps protect you against EMFs by releasing you from your material (and electronic) world, connecting you with nature, and transmuting the negative energy into positive. For an elevated spiritual experience, embrace malachite's positive energy with life-affirming thoughts as you walk through nature and connect with the world around, and within, you. 

Absorbs negative energies

When you channel the vibrations of malachite, you'll be able to open your eyes to a whole new world and see beauty where you couldn't see it before. This powerful perspective is created from malachite's ability to neutralize toxic energy and guard your spirit from outside negativity. Wearing our malachite bracelet will help you find balance in your mind, body, and spirit as your negative energy is transformed into positive. You'll be able to create a new path in life filled with an abundance of love and light.