Mini Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet
Mini Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet
Mini Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet
Mini Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet

Mini Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Stack it up or let it shine on its own, our Rose Quartz Mini Energy Gemstone Bracelet is made up of 4mm gemstone beads that create the perfect accessory for bringing healthy and healing vibrations into your life! Known for attracting love, rose quartz opens the heart and radiates heartwarming energy. Each gemstone bead is strung together on a stretchy cord to make a simple, yet beautiful, bracelet. Easy to slip on and comfortable enough to wear all day, these mini gemstone beaded bracelets can be mix-and-matched with others based on colors or healing properties. 

  • Strung on Durable Stretchy Cord
  • Regular: Fits up to a 7-inch wrist. Large: Fits up to a 8.5-inch wrist
  • 4mm Pure Gemstone Beads with 925 Sterling Silver plated Sivana Bead

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

  • Improving your love life
  • Harmony
  • Peace
  • Compassion

    Healing gemstones have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations. Some incorporated them into jewelry and cosmetics while others made decorative statues and amulets. Both your body and healing crystals contain energetic vibrations which is why you can connect and align with a crystal's vibration so easily. This is also why gemstones have an even stronger effect when they're placed directly on your body. The energy immediately aligns with the areas that emit a similar vibration. A powerful tool for connection, healing crystals and gemstones serve as a bridge between your conscious thoughts and your body. Since your thoughts often direct your energy, you can use gemstones to help you magnify your intentions. The ultimate love stone, rose quartz has been used in love rituals for centuries. According to Greek and Roman mythology, Cupid, the Roman god of desire, and Eros, the Greek god of love, gave people the gift of love in the form of rose quartz. In Native American culture, this cherished gemstone was used to calm negative emotions by bringing love into newly harmonized emotions; turning turmoil into prosperity. Rose quartz's romantic coloring comes from the small groups of pink fibers, known as dumortierite, that are embedded within this enchanting gemstone. These fibers also give rose quartz its opaque quality. activates the heart and promotes love and passion. This heartwarming energy is what helps foster trust and harmony in all types of relationships while encouraging unconditional love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels to encourage self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of tranquility. This pure, soft energy is exactly why rose quartz is one of the most popular crystal healing tools. It brings you to a higher frequency which allows you to understand situations in a whole new light and gives you a more compassionate perspective on the situations at hand. 

    Activates Heart Chakra

    Rose quartz jewelry is extremely beneficial to opening your heart chakra; an energy source that's all about love and relationships. While the heart chakra opens the door to romantic love, it also provides support for relationships, self-love, and Universal love. Maintaining healthy relationships is an important, yet sometimes difficult, aspect of life. Every relationship takes time, energy, and understanding in order to truly blossom. When your heart chakra is healthy and balanced, this area of your life will flourish. Your strong love vibrations will attract the positive people you need to surround yourself with. This includes finding the right romantic partner as well; helping you break away from negative dating patterns and becoming a positive magnet for a fulfilling love life. Once you've found the person, and people, you're meant to be with, your open heart chakra will help you maintain it by not letting your ego overtake your thoughts and actions. Not only will you be able to maintain a loving relationship with your partner, but you'll also be able to maintain a loving relationship with yourself. When people have a hard time loving themselves, they have a difficult time accepting love from other people. Since rose quartz will help your self-love journey bloom, you'll find that your romantic relationship will be the same. To foster a deeper connection with rose quartz healing properties, keep rose quartz near you during meditation. As you meditate, keep rose quartz near you while you focus on clearing your mind and allowing your emotions to flow through you. Inhale peace, love, and compassion, then exhale stress, negativity, and worries. Let your body be overtaken by the beautiful, heartwarming light of rose quartz as it travels to your heart chakra to heal your wounds with unconditional love. The mantra that is often paired with rose quartz meditations is "I am love." Repeating this throughout your practice will help you express love to everyone around you, including yourself.